Como Recuperar conta do TWITTER Bloqueada e Suspensa

By | 8 julho, 2021

Como Recuperar conta do TWITTER Bloqueada e Suspensa

🦋 Oi pessoal, bem vindos ao meu canal

No vĂ­deo de hoje vou ensinar como consegui resolver o problema de conta suspensa ou bloqueada no TWITTER .

Descreva o problema da seguinte forma:
“It is with great surprise that I see my Twitter account was suspended. I come then challenge the action taken to recover my account and follow with my normal activities within the standard requested by Twitter. I ask you to review and consider this request because this account is very important to me, and keep in touch with friends through it from other states of my country and family, coworkers and studies. I look forward to the answer, now, thank attention to me.”

Responda ao email do twitter:
” After receiving of this email, I was informed of the rules imposed on twitter, and am determined not to violate them where strictly follow all the rules. ‘

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Como Recuperar conta do #TWITTER Bloqueada e Suspensa

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