SSD Data recovery – damaged connector

By | 28 setembro, 2019

Got a interesting case of burned out SSD. I also got a donor SSD that had a bad board. It was a successful connector swap.
Also got new microphone, what do you think? Leave a comment and like the video 🙂

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Screen stand: iPhone Screen JiG
Microscope: Amscope SM-4
LED: Amscope dual neck
Leaded solder
Desoldering wick
Rebal solder paste
SuperCold Spray
Side camera: Sony a6300

Taku- Higher Flume Remix
HH-D Trumpet
Birds Flying High MOWE

18 thoughts on “SSD Data recovery – damaged connector

  1. Alpha Donkey

    My ssd connector shorted and psu was too powerful to snap. in 1.5 sec it burned an empty spot in the middle of the connector and bubbles on the female side. I didnt change the connector, but instead broke the rest of the plastic surrounding pins and soldered wires from a molex connector. From all of those pins an SSD only needs two of them. In fact its a group of 5 x 3 pins: +12v-gnd-+5v-gnd-+12v. 12v is not used, so 3 pins can be snapped off from both sides. Then bend the rest 9 in 3 groups as gnd-5v-gnd and solder three easy wires from a molex connector. I also put a 5A car fuse in the 5v wire just in case. Quite rewarding experience as it was my main SSD with OS and important files on it.

  2. Bas Nunnikhoven

    It's amazing to see how that paste is seperating the solder… It makes the job so much easier… I am definetly going to but that stuff soon! Because now the small stuff is always a big challenge to me…

  3. Dorjee Tsetan

    Hi I formatted a Samsung T3 by mistake. Is there a way to recover the data? Thank you.

  4. Othman

    Hello, Want to know How much your minimum charge for Data recovery from Macpro 2012 Hard drive recently change to WD Green Ssd 250gb used smoothly for 8 months, suddenly white screen with question mark sign.. Need to recover data file estimate around 70 gb from desktop location. Thank you

  5. Jac Wong

    I am wondering if anyone can help me or give me some advice on how to get my dead OCZ 240GB SSD back, it was burn since I accidentally connect the power connector reversely (how stupid I am), can anyone tell me how to get it back alive?

  6. Lionstar

    cool i have a SSD i kelped for a long time after i yanked the cable out of the usb port and it never worked again since on any PC with different cables


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