Recovering a lost or deleted file

By | 21 julho, 2019

Active@ File Recovery provides you with everything you need to recover data, whether it has been accidentally deleted or lost due to a system failure or malicious software attack.
Active@ File Recovery is a utility for Windows which helps you to recover lost data. Even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin, formatted your hard drive or other media or an attack by a hacker or malicious software has caused you to lose data, it is often still possible to recover it. Active@ File Recovery presents you with the best chance possible of getting your data back intact. The reason that this is possible is because, when a file is removed from a hard drive or other storage device, the file system simply marks the previously occupied space on the disk as free space. Another file copy or creation can then move in, eventually overwriting the deleted data and making it unrecoverable. In practical terms, however, it is, more often than not, possible to recover this data before this happens. Active@ File Recovery works with hard drives and other media of a wide variety of file systems including all of those used by Microsoft operating systems. It also supports the HFS+ file system used by Macintosh storage devices and the EXT systems used by the Linux operating system. The Enterprise version of the recovery software also provides a bootable disk image, allowing you to run Active@ File Recovery without booting into Windows and increasing the chances of permanently overwriting the deleted data. This is also ideal if you are unable to boot into Windows. You can learn more about Active@ File Recovery and data recovery at the following website:

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