REAL Data Recovery – Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator!

By | 14 julho, 2019

REAL Data Recovery - Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator!

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Linus teams up with DriveSavers to actually DO some tech repair work. How does it go? Watch and find out.

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19 thoughts on “REAL Data Recovery – Linus Swaps Hard Drive Actuator!

  1. Judess 69er

    lmao "65 is quite generous" lol that guy is my new hero XD

  2. Navysealsnake

    I love you Linus but you probably broke it

    Edit: I'm sorry I doubted you, son.

  3. Gallons Of Milk Gaming

    Linus: don't eat anything in a hard drive

    Me:Eats hard drive

  4. Julian Q

    Linus: "so I've heard you've done 50000 of these.

    Also Linus: "Isn't putting initials there kind of redundant"

  5. Sirmellowman

    LOL they guy helping him do the drive looks SO fucking annoyed.


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