How to Recover Deleted Files – TOP 10 Disk Recovery Software

By | 7 setembro, 2019

Full Review and Comparison Chart:

Top 10 Disk Recovery Software - Best Review 2012:

1- Advanced Disk Recovery
2- Handy Recovery
3- R-Studio
4- DERescue Data Recovery Master
5- Data Rescue PC3
6- Data Recovery Wizard
7- Windows Data Recovery
8- Active@ Undelete
9- File Scavenger
10- Restorer Ultimate


Advanced Hard Drive Data Recovery
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Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery
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Data recovery. IDE SCSI Sata how to
This is how we recover data from hard drives.
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Data Recovery Services
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7 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Files – TOP 10 Disk Recovery Software

  1. RavFrom Yetti

    none of them can recover deleted file from the past 10 hours ago on your disk D.

  2. Oliver Powell

    Amazing software(s) list… Though, I've found that Stellar Phoenix Software is missing on the list.. You can also give it a go and rate accordingly. Found more info here: @Stellar Data Recovery 

  3. OnceThereWasTheDudeWithTheYoutubeUsernameTHATwasProbablySoLongTHATitWouldGoOffYourScreenAndThenStop

    Are you serious? GetDataBack Simple isn't here?

  4. Infernalord

    Their website says "Hard drives, partitions, external devices, and even CDs and DVDs can be scanned for recoverable files using Advanced Disk Recovery."

  5. FirestoneX

    I have an external hard drive that is not is not recognized anymore, but under the disk management it shows it but not accessable. I don't care about getting the HD working, but I want to get the data off of it. Will any of these help?


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