How to Convert RAW to NTFS to Fix RAW Drive

By | 24 outubro, 2019

File system is raw? Chkdsk is not available for raw drive? How to fix drive?
This video shows how to convert RAW to NTFS to fix RAW drive. However, before fixing RAW drive, you need to transfer all its data. Otherwsie, the RAW drve data will be overwtitten and there is no way to reocver it.
step 1: Recover data saved in the RAW partition via MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
step 2: Convert RAW to NTFS via free MiniTool Partition Wizard.

13 thoughts on “How to Convert RAW to NTFS to Fix RAW Drive

  1. Ai Em Noth'

    that is not convert, my friends. your formatted it, not convert it.

  2. Damian9303

    you fucking idiots i don't want to just recover some stuff and format the drive, i just want to fix the damn file system

  3. Stuart Thomoson

    Stuart Thompson

    I had this happen after feature update 18362. You dont need any 3rd part software or subscriptions to fix it go to command promt run as administrator and type chkdsk f: /f the f: is the partition that was randomly converted to raw so just replace that letter with your corrupted drive and it will rerstore all the files and resume normal operation. If it was games on there you will have to validate them through steam or on their software to run properly again. All other files worked right away.

  4. MGSBigBoss77

    There are ways to convert the RAW partition to NTFS and not lose any valuable Data without backing it up, i'm surprised this wasn't shown. I guess; "Mini-Tool Power Data Recovery" needs all the advertising it can get right?

  5. İsa Yılmaz

    thanks brother. Really nice a video. Thank you for your helping :))

  6. Muhamed Sosic

    (SOLVED FOR SD CARDS – worked for me )Before everything else try to insert sdcard into "SDCARD ADAPTER" and check its unlocked and then try to do whatever you want with sd card.!! If doesn't look other solutions.

  7. Psycho ChUc

    bro you save me thanks for all you deserve money for online support people with those things


    You are actually a hero man, this video was really helpful and the problem that I was trying to fix for hours, now I fixed in minutes, thanks!


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