18 thoughts on “HDD RAW Fix Partition with 2 step Without Software and no loss Data

  1. dorodoro JPN

    apparently at 1:08 , when i hit enter. nothing happened. and i cant type anything at command prompt. help 🙁

  2. ذار البختيار

    thank you. just the first command is enough. you are our life savior. btw, i did back up all the data afterwards, and format the drive.

  3. gong xi

    On "Properties" on my hard disk only has "General, Tools, Hardware, Customize". There is no "Security" for me to proceed the instruction as in the video. Help me! Thanks!

  4. Madushh Shan

    buddy i got one partition recovered but other one is getting aborted and can you give me solution for that please ?/

  5. محمد الشنواني

    Thank you Soooo much
    You are a life saver
    You saved my Hard drive and my data

  6. Gindz Omiyo

    thanks…this helped me…i cant open my partition for 7 years and now all my data recovered..thanks infinitilion again

  7. Adrian!

    Access Denied as you do not have sufficient privileges or
    the disk may be locked by another process.
    You have to invoke this utility running in elevated mode
    and make sure the disk is unlocked.

  8. shiko solom

    احلي مسا عليك يا حبي تمام فشخ

  9. Roronoa Zuri

    THANKS A LOT!!!THANKS A LOT 3000!!!!!!IT REALLY WORKED!!!!!I don't know what else to say,really thankful for your advisevideo here….


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