Gmail: Responding to Email with Gmail

By | 25 outubro, 2019

Gmail: Responding to Email with Gmail

In addition to sending emails, you’ll also be receiving emails from other people. Once you’ve read an email there are several different actions you can take to respond to the email.

After you read an email, you’ll have a few different actions that you can take, including opening an attachment (if there is one), replying to the message, forwarding it to someone else, or, if you don’t have time to deal with the email, adding a star to remind yourself to read it later. If you’re going to be out of town for several days or more, you can also create an automatic vacation reply so people know that you’re unable to check your email.

Watch the video to learn about reading emails, replying, forwarding, and creating a vacation reply.

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9 thoughts on “Gmail: Responding to Email with Gmail

  1. life as lucero cruz

    I need help with me login to email the price for an email I need help please

  2. Alyson Walzer

    Are you going to be updating your videos with the new Gmail interface anytime soon?

  3. Hilal Ahmad

    When I reply any email in Gmail by mobile, then after sometime it shows that:

    (Message not delivered, There was a problem delivering your message to See the technical details below.)

    Please tell what I will do, if you can help me then tell me or tell me which department helps.

  4. Hilal Ahmad

    Please tell me what is the problem, what I will do?
    when I reply any mail in Gmail, then after sometime, in my mobile the system send me a message, it mentions like this:
    (Message no delivered
    There was a problem delivering your message to see the technical details below.)


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