Unique Pen Drive With Fingerprint Scanner

By | 22 junho, 2019

Unique Pen Drive With Fingerprint Scanner
Buy Link :- https://goo.gl/Zu3pca

Data security is a major concern these days be it offline or online. And today we have this unique Pen drive/Thumb drive which secure your data with fingerprint. So lets find out how it works.

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20 thoughts on “Unique Pen Drive With Fingerprint Scanner

  1. Gadget Gig

    Thumb Drive which actually requires a Thumb 👍 to work. How cool it that!!
    How many Thumbs Up👍👍👍for this Unique Pen Drive!!

  2. house pierre

    After first use in Windows it can be used in alls computers ? Linux, others Windows, …

  3. Surabhi Gupta

    while using with non-PC devices like MP3 players will the secure drive still work?

  4. g10x29m

    Is this drive write protected can anybody else format this once fingerprint to set. Also can it be deleted by another party.

  5. Savio Shaju

    Hi is there any gadget to increase network signal inside home

  6. K K

    bhai best gaming air educational laptop ke uper bhi video banao,plz

  7. Anurag Fartyal

    Sunny Deol ka folder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. vamsi krishna

    Awesome video brother. Good info . good keep it up. Nice and all the best for next.

  9. This Is Tech Guy

    Buy sending more 3 to 4K rs we get external hard drive! This pendrive is not for normal user btw nice video anuj :p

  10. Aman Dhingra

    Wow!! this is really unique gadget and useful in so many ways! Can also be used for storing bitcoin wallet secret info etc. Thanks for sharing. Keep up!!


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