16 thoughts on “To the Bone | recovery. [eating disorder]

  1. Maddie Myers

    Nobody will let me die so I guess I’ll just waste away instead

  2. tiff nathasingh

    recovery is hard from anything i am falling out of recovery i was 90 pounds at 20 now i am fat and going down the drain again

  3. Nine Ball

    So I heard that it was a movie about a rehab place and apparently they vonnited in plastic bags and did exercises in their rooms to stay thin. I think its so oppressive to force grown women to eat. No one should have the right to tell you what to eat or when to eat it.

  4. Judith Houtman

    I've been struggling with anorexia too, but seeing this video makes me feel like I haven't been bad enough, like her.

  5. sky peters

    The movie made her look so thin and it honestly scared me

  6. cookie luvv

    i love this movie omg & this edit is amazing sksks you picked all my fav parts of the film and made it till a perfect edit, i cant stop watching it

  7. Rose

    It was just months ago where I ate only 500 calories a day and worried like hell if I ate 800 calories. Now I’ve come to a point where I’m not at all afraid to eat an ice cream and I’m definitely not afraid of exceeding my 500 calorie limit. I’m perfectly happy and perfectly fine. Believe me, eating disorders are not at all fun. My hair is thicker and my skin glows and I’m way happier and more confident. Recovery is possible x

  8. Tiger Snake

    Every time she says “I just don’t see what’s the point” I just immediately start crying. That hits real deep.

  9. Abb B

    I have bulimia Turing into anorexia.. I can relate to this so much.


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