Redefining Recovery | Tom Gill | TEDxRutgers

By | 11 setembro, 2019

They say recovery is a gradual process; change doesn’t happen overnight. In his moving talk, Tom shares the tumultuous journey of a recovering addict and how small steps to reach out made a big impact in his perspective of the world.

Tom Gill spent many years of his life in despair, trapped by the throes of addiction to substances. Through a series of revelations and willingness to accept outside help to overcome his struggles, Tom was able to overcome these impediments and is now on the road to success. He attributes his change to outside help and escaping his own thoughts by reaching a hand out to those struggling. He hopes to offer others a way out by sharing his experience. Still a thrill seeker, Tom has now channeled his energies into positive things. What was once the insatiable drive to become intoxicated has morphed into a love of extreme sports. From the very first time he leaped off of a 40 foot cliff into the sea below, his passion is only limited by the need to exercise proper caution. He is still an avid cliff diver and now a skydiver-in-training, and plans to become a certified wingsuit flyer in due time.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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3 thoughts on “Redefining Recovery | Tom Gill | TEDxRutgers

  1. Patrick P

    Not really redefining here. "You can't think your way into right living you have to live your way into right thinking." Congrats if this helps anyone though.

  2. MJ Serene

    Ummmm, in 12 step we have a simple name for this…..fellowship. Been around for ever.


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